Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cool Blog Articles Today about Nonprofits Using Social Media

Just doing some browsing around and found some cool articles today about charitable giving that I think are worth sharing.

Beth Kanter posted on Twitter today a cool article from @Mashable"How to: Do Good on Twitter." There are some great suggestions here including following your favorite charities, participating in Twitter fund drives, and using Twollars.  Check out the article to learn what "Twollars" are.  It was new to me but will be something I'm going to explore in greater depth. I also want to see if there is some way Dayton Children's can participate in a Twestival this year. 

One of the most informative blogs out in the blogosphere is Nonprofit Tech 2.0: A Social Media Guide for Nonprofits.  There is always something informative here for nonprofits using social media to share their message.  Subscribe to this's worth the time.  Today I found an interesting article listing 11 TwtPoll Results Nonprofits Can Use to Plan Communication Strategies.  One interesting fact is that 73% of those polled said they would rather donate online than send in a check.  Now, given that those who responded to a TwtPoll are probably those very comportable with doing everything online, it does bring attention to the fact that there is an entire audience nonprofits need to reach that they may not be identifying if they are not using social media.  

Based on this TwtPoll, 25% of charities have a presence on Facebook and Twitter.  I know in 2010 this number will grow and the next thing we will want to know is which charities are using these social media networks most effectively to share their message and engage friends and followers.  Conversion may be the most important word for 2010.  Nonprofits may have launched themselves into the social media fray in 2009 but the winners will come out on top by converting friends and followers into loyal donors.  

Another excellent blog to follow is Jeff Bullas' Blog.  He always has concrete recommendations for using social media for nonprofits.  This is another one worth subscribing to and reviewing regularly.  He just posted an article about "7 Great Resources on Using Facebook for Nonprofits".  His recommendations are spot-on.  If you are just getting started with social media or even for those of you using it but looking for more creative ways to take things to the next step, check out this Blog.

I could probably do this all night but I'm starving so I'll take a break.  Stay tuned...there's some brilliant minds out there and I hope to introduce you to them. 

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