Thursday, November 18, 2010

2007-2010 Tri Sigma Triennial Achievements

During the 2010 National Convention, I was asked to highlight Tri Sigma's accomplishments during the previous three years.  This is typically a powerpoint presentation where each Council members gets up and shares a long (read: boring) bulleted list of achievements.  I was given some license to present this information in a different format.  I wanted to create something that would wake the crowd up, get them fired up and celebrate what turned out to be a remarkable triennium.

Many thanks to National President, Laura Sweet, and the other members of the Sigma Sigma Sigma Executive Council for giving me just enough rope to not hang myself.

So here it is...the 2007-2010 Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority Triennial Achievements.  This is not your grandma's sorority!

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  1. I particularly love that this is the slide that it happened to stop on.