Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Spark of Caring - Building a Snowman Inside

Yesterday I wrote an article about the simple gesture of doing something just because it is the right thing to do and that is can bring a smile to someone else's heart. 

In the midst of about a foot of snow, grown-ups can easily forget that kids love to play in the snow. But when you are hospitalized, battling cancer and not allowed to go outdoors, it can really get you down. Today, Dayton Children's put up photos about Nevin.  Nevin experiences long hospital treatment stays.  He has practically grown up at Dayton Children's, as we've all seen him in his Spiderman costumes since he was just a toddler.

Nevin wasn't having a good day. He wanted to be outside playing in the snow and to build a snowman. In a pure act of kindness and creativity, Janet Squires, our rehabilitation services manager, brought the snow in to Nevin. Be sure to click here to see all the photos.  Better yet, take two minutes to watch the video. I guarantee this will warm your heart.  This is what it means to ignite a spark of caring.

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